Getting Cats to Fall Asleep

Windows give your kitty lots to do during the day so she can sleep at night.
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Your cat realizes that you need your rest so you don't wake up looking like the risen dead, but she quite frankly doesn't care. There are lots of exciting things going on while you're snoozing. Thankfully, with toys, a comfy bed and some food, your kitty will be sleeping too.

Cat Beds

You've probably found your cat basking in the sun, laying on a heated blanket or snuggling up to something soft and cozy. Felines know a relaxing spot when they see one, and they aren't particularly fond of moving from one once they're settled in. Fix your cat up with a warm and comfortable sleeping area and either lure her into it or place her there every night when you go to sleep. Cat beds, pillows, blankets and towels all make for kitty-approved sleeping quarters. If you don't mind your cat sleeping with you every night, consider setting up her bed at the bottom of yours. Many felines love to sleep with their owners, and won't dart right out of the room or start acting crazy if you're close by. If your cats cause lots of trouble in your room keep them in their own room with a litter box, water and toys.

Minimize Distractions

If there's a ball to be rolled, a string to be swung back and forth or nighttime critters to watch, you can bet your cat probably knows. When you flick off the lights at night, your feline dashes through your house, distracted by all sorts of items, sights and sounds. Minimize distractions as best you can. Keep her toys in a crate and snap a lid over them at night, close the blinds and drapes and remove anything that dangles and might entice your cat, such as a USB cord hanging down from the front of your computer.

Play Time

About two hours or so before you're ready to hit the sack, whip out your kitty's toys and burn her energy reserves. Ideas include tossing a few straws on the ground for her to bat around, making her chase you through the house while holding a piece of string and moving your hand around underneath a blanket. Toys that automatically run along the floor or chirp like birds when hit are also good. Make sure she's distracted during the day too. Opening the blinds so she can see the birds outside and offering her puzzle toys, such as treat dispensers, can keep her busy.

Feed Me

You might be a litter box scooper, groomer and petting machine, but your cat knows that at heart, you're truly a purveyor of food. But you'll get the last laugh if you feed her before you go to bed. Much to the excitement of pet owners, cats often sleep after indulging in a big meal. You may offer your kitty food throughout the night with the help of a timed feeder, but you should adjust her feeding schedule accordingly so she doesn't become a bit chunky and unhealthy. Whatever you do, don't get up to feed your kitty in the middle of night if she meows or bothers you. She'll think she can do that every night, and she will.

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