How to Prevent Kittens From Eating Stuff Off the Floor

A variety of toys will keep your kitten busy and keep her from eating stuff off your floors.
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Kittens may seem cute and innocent, but don’t let outward appearances fool you. They are extremely inquisitive by nature, and love to taste everything in sight. This also includes non-food items that may be harmful to you little fluffball. Stop your kitten from grazing before it causes irreversible damage.

Step 1

Take your kitten to the vet for a complete physical. Pica, the technical name for eating things other than food, may be a result of a nutritional deficiency. Your vet will check your cat over to make sure she is healthy and getting enough nutrients.

Step 2

Transition your kitten to a high-quality cat food. Your kitten may eat from the floor in an attempt to make up for a lack of healthy food, and switching can eliminate unwanted grazing. High-quality kitten food has no fillers such as bone meal or ash, and is low in grain and high in whole meat, including chicken, fish and beef.

Step 3

Remove all target items from the floor. If your cat is chewing plants, put the plants out of her reach. If she’s eating crumbs and spilled food, clean your floors immediately to remove the temptation to forage.

Step 4

Play with your kitten more often. Eating things from the floor is often a sign of boredom, and your kitten may eat inappropriate items in a bid for your attention. Provide her with a variety of cat-safe toys, and play with her throughout the day to give her enough exercise and keep her stimulated.

Step 5

Coat target objects with a deterrent spray to prevent inappropriate chewing. Kittens often chew out of curiosity, and deterrent sprays give items a foul, bitter taste that will stop a grazing kitten. Reapply the spray every day until the kitten finds something more appropriate to eat.

Step 6

Give your kitten appropriate items to chew on. Mouthing is a natural part of your kitten’s development, and she will chew on the most convenient objects. Crunchy cat treats and cat-safe grasses such as wheat and rye give your cat an outlet for her urge to chew.

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