Fun Things for Cats to Play With

Make common household items into fun kitty playthings.
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If your kitty thinks a stealthy, puma pounce on your bare wiggling toes is as fun as it gets, it might be time to go shopping for cat toys. Better yet, find some stuff around the house that can be repurposed for creative kitty playtime.

Things That Move

Cats love to run, jump and pounce on anything that moves or catches their attention. You can make a toy from a flashlight beam or laser pointer by waving the light across the floor and onto furniture -- just be careful not to point the beam in your kitty’s eyes. You can also buy windup or electronic toys that will skitter about the floor and send your cat scurrying into attack mode. Things that bounce are also popular toys, like ping-pong balls, which are inexpensive and can be batted across the floor and off the walls over and over again.

Things With Feathers

Your cat’s natural instincts will draw him toward prey-like playthings, especially ones with feathers. You can buy or make a feather wand, a long stick with feathers that can be waved in the air to entice Kitty to jump, or tie feathers to a string and drag it back and forth across the floor. Look into buying spring-loaded toys mounted on a scratching pole. Kitty can simultaneously scratch in the right place while batting about the bird that moves with every touch.

Things To Hide In

Cats love to hide and pounce, and creating any combination of these two favorite activities will help you give your kitty the ultimate play experience. A commercially-produced crinkle sack or a brown paper grocery bag both serve as fun hiding places. Just as kids like playing in empty appliance boxes, cats like box play too. Just be sure there are no sharp edges or small openings they can potentially get stuck in.

Things with Catnip

It doesn't matter what you put catnip on, it will soon become your cat’s favorite toy. You can stuff a fabric pouch with catnip, rub some on a piece of yarn or string or put a catnip pouch inside a plastic bell ball that your kitty can scoot across the floor. Catnip has different effects on different cats, ranging from euphoria to excessive energy to calm relaxed “zone” time.

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