The Best Food for British Bulldogs

You better feed me a better food now!
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Your British bulldog's gloomy mug may be caused by your feeding him the wrong type of food. Choosing a dog food specifically formulated to cater to this breed's distinct anatomical features and specific dietary needs can really make a difference in the quality of life of your favorite breed.

Digestive Issues

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British bulldogs are equipped with an active digestive system that makes them prone to digestive issues and significant flatulence. If your gassy bulldog has you gasping for air, you may want to make sure his diet has a good balance of fiber, starches and insoluble minerals. Investing in a highly digestible diet containing high-quality proteins that supports digestive health really goes a long way. With a better diet, your bulldog should be blessed with reduced stool volume and diminished fecal odor.

Sensitive Skin

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You are surely aware that your British bulldog's body is covered with heavy wrinkles and that he has loose, pendulous folds right beneath the lower jaw. As much as you love massaging your bulldog's skin, and consider it a plus, these wrinkles are ultimately a weak point. The constant rubbing of skin as your bulldog shuffles around and the moisture trapped within the folds predisposes him to dermatitis, an annoying inflammation of the skin. Healthy antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids are great additions to your bulldog's diet to help promote healthy skin and make it less hospitable to bacteria.

Brachycephalic Face

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The British bulldog's pushed-in face, short head and prognathic jaw add a few challenges when it comes to mealtime and make your companion susceptible to mouth and tooth disorders. The right shape of kibble can really make a difference in making the eating process easier and less messy. Look for kibble that is easy to grasp and that encourages chewing so to prevent the accumulation of annoying plaque and tartar in your bulldog's mouth. With a mouth in better shape, your bulldog's lovely British accent should come through loud and clear.

Low Activity Levels

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British bulldogs are blessed with a phlegmatic, pacific and dignified disposition. They generally love to hit that snooze button and snore for hours at a time. Because your pampered pooch can be quite sedentary and predisposed to weight gain, you want to monitor his food intake and invest in a good diet that satisfies him with sufficient calories, but at the same time limits his fat intake. Obesity, along with the bulldog's restricted airways, may make this breed more susceptible to respiratory distress, explains veterinarian Brent Mayabb.

Orthopedic Problems

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As if slobbering, snoring and passing gas were not enough, British bulldogs are also prone to orthopedic problems. Statistics obtained from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals indicate that bulldogs rank first for instances of hip dysplasia. A healthy diet for the British bulldog should be supplemented with glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and omega-3 fatty acids to protect from inflammation. Always consult with your veterinarian regarding the health and ideal nutrition for your wonderful breed.

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