Feng Shui Tips: Location of a Fish Tank at Home

A fish tank placed correctly in a home inspires good financial fortune.
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You have a fish tank -- use it to encourage harmony and advance your good fortune. Properly placing your fish tank is supposed to optimize wealth and bring balance from all five feng shui elements into your house. Start with a bagua map to find the treasure areas in your home.

Five Elements

The five elements of feng shui are water, wood, metal, earth and fire. Some obvious, some more subtle, all of these can be found in a fish tank. The aquarium holds water, and wood (the plants in the tank). The metal element is found in the rocks used in the bottom of the tank or if metal is incorporated in the tank structure itself. The rocks or gravel also represent the earth element and the fire element is found in the orange and red colors of the fish themselves. Having all five in one item represents completion and can inspire an atmosphere of harmony and well-being.

The Bagua Map

The key to arranging your home using feng shui is the bagua map. It divides any structure into nine sections, similar to a tic tac toe grid, that correspond to life's treasures such as love, health and wealth. Overall, the grid divides your home into sections for wealth and prosperity, fame and reputation, love and marriage, health and family, center, creativity and children, knowledge and self-cultivation, career and helpful people and travel.

Placing Your Tank

It is the water rather than the fish that is the prominent element in your fish tank. Water represents money, so you should place the tank in the wealth and abundance or career areas of your home. According to the bagua map, that means putting the tank in the back left section of your home for wealth and prosperity -- based on the tic tac toe grid, that would be the top left section. The career area of the bagua map is located in the bottom middle section of the grid. Additionally, water is supposed to have an effect on health, so placing a fish tank in the middle left section of the grid will put it in the right place to positively influence health and family. It should be noted, though, that Lillian Too, author of "Lillian Too's Easy-to-Use Feng Shui" warns against putting a fish tank in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. If any of these rooms are located in the desired sections on the bagua map, place the tank in a more suitable room, but use the bagua map to place it in the optimal place within that room.

Choosing Your Fish

Although the water in your fish tank is the focal point of the symbolism when employing feng shui, enhance the energy benefits with the fish you keep in the tank. Placing red or orange fish in the tank will bring in the element of fire, helping to complete the desired five elements. According to "Lillian Too's Easy-to-Use Feng Shui", keeping nine fish, eight gold and one black (to absorb bad luck), will activate positive feng shui.

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