Different Types of Wire-Hair Dachshunds

The dachshund's wiry hair can be grown out or clipped close.
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Wire-haired doxies have double, waterproof coats that can feel quite thick and rough. These short, long dogs have huge hearts and are a popular choice for people living in a small space.


Wiry-haired dachshunds come in the same range of colors and patterns as their long or short-haired counterparts in the breed. A black-and-tan coloration is quite common among sausage dogs; gray, brown and dappled colors are also widely seen. Red dachshunds have coats of a similar color to a human strawberry-blonde or redhead. If your wire-haired doxie has a piebald coat, his fur will have a white background with solid patches of black, brown or gray.

Weights and Sizes

Wire-haired wiener dogs come in two main sizes. A standard-size dog, according to the breed regulations, weighs anywhere between 15 and 28 pounds. Wire-haired dachshunds also come in a miniature size, officially designated as weighing less than 11 pounds. Dogs between 11 and 15 pounds might be called tweenies or inbetweeners, as they're larger than a miniature but smaller than a standard. Outside the United States, a third size of dachshund is recognized. This little rabbit-sized doxie, known as a "kaninchen" dachshund, weighs between 8 and 10 pounds.

Eye Colors

Your wire-haired doxie may have amber, brown or green eyes -- these colors are most common if your dog's coat is light in color. If the coat color is darker -- black-and-tan, for example, your wiener's eyes are more likely to be dark brown. If you have ambitions for your pooch to win prizes at a dog show, his chances are higher if he has a darker eye color, according to the breed's standard in the United States. If your wire-haired dog also has dappling, or double dappling, on his coat, he's not unlikely to have one brown and one blue eye.

Grooming Styles

The wire-haired coat can be quite a lot of work to keep groomed, as the fur is wiry and tough. Wire-haired dachshunds require quite a lot of brushing and washing to keep their coat in good condition. If your dog is not competing in shows, you might want to consider clipping his fur close to the body. This will keep the dog cooler in summer, and his coat will be neater year-round.

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