Types of Dachshunds

This black-and-tan Dachsie has short hair.
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Dachshunds embody a lot of opposites—they're long dogs with short legs, little hounds with huge hearts. Within the Dachshund breed are many different types of wiener dogs.


The common sizes for dachshunds are standard and miniature. A standard sausage dog weighs between 15 and 28 pounds, while a miniature dachsie is usually under 11 pounds in weight. A third size of dachshund—the kaninchen or "rabbit" size—is recognized by the countries of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Federation) though not in the U.S. or UK as of August 2012. Kaninchen dachshunds weigh between 8 and 10 pounds.

Fur Types

Dachshunds can have one of three types of fur. Smooth dachshunds have a close, short coat that doesn't tend to shed extensively. Wieners with long hair require regular grooming to maintain their silky locks. The third option for a dachshund is a wirehaired dog, which appears to have almost curly hair.

Fur Colors and Patterns

Dachshunds come in different colors and patterns. Black-and-tan sausage dogs are quite common—these hounds have solid black coats with tan patches on the face and eyebrow areas. Red dachshunds have solid coats that are similar to a human redhead or strawberry-blond color. A dachsie with a white coat and brown, black or gray patches of solid color is known as a piebald. Over a dark coat, the patches may be dappled—gray dappling may be overlaid on a black coat, for example.

Eye Colors

According to the U.S. breed standard, darker eye colors and tones are preferable for prizewinning wiener dogs. Dachshunds with light-colored coats commonly have green, brown or amber eyes. Dogs with darker coats commonly have brown eyes. However, dapple or double-dapple dachsies may sometimes have one blue eye and one brown.

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