How to Find a Declawed Cat to Adopt

Your adoption center can tell you if it has any declawed cats.
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Declawing is a controversial procedure that not all vets are willing to perform. If you're looking to adopt a kitty and want one without claws, then you may be best off adopting one that's already had the procedure done, and that's a simple matter of knowing where to look.

Step 1

Contact the cat adoption agencies nearest you. Animal adoption agencies keep detailed records of their animals, and each will be able to tell you if they have any declawed cats available. Some adoption agencies list their available animals, along with their photos and health records, on their websites .

Step 2

Plan on making your new feline friend an "indoor" cat. Declawed cats are unable to protect themselves or even escape effectively from danger in the wild, and must live exclusively inside. Some agencies will refuse your adoption if you don't plan on keeping your cat inside, so if you want your kitty to go outside, rethink your decision to adopt a declawed animal.

Step 3

Arrange to visit your adoption center to see what animals are available. Adoption center employees will be able to show you any cats that are declawed, including ones that may not be listed on the website already.

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