How to Deal With a Hyper Bulldog

He is ready to play.
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No matter what type of bulldog you have in your family, chances are he is high energy, smart and always ready to play. Bulldogs are an active breed, and their energy level can easily spiral out of control. There are ways to get it under control to keep you both happy.

Step 1

Provide ample exercise every day. Your fur kid is full of energy, and if that energy is not worked off, it will come out in other ways -- chewing furniture, chasing the cat, the list goes on. Walk him for at least an hour each day, although more is better. Train him to walk on a treadmill when walking outdoors is not an option. A weighted backpack designed to be placed on a dog's back will not only increase his workout, but will also give him something to concentrate on while walking. That will keep him from dashing off in search of something.

Step 2

Make time for playtime every day. The excitement of wanting to interact with his human is another cause of hyper behavior. Ensuring that he gets ample attention from the people in his life will help eliminate that. Go out in the yard for a game of fetch or play tug-of-war with a knotted rope. Even something as simple as lying on the couch petting him will make him feel loved and help end problem behavior.

Step 3

Ignore hyper behavior when it is happening. If you arrive home and he is jumping all over you, walk past him calmly without looking at him. Do whatever you normally do when coming home, and continue to ignore him until he stops the behavior and sits calmly. Then you can give him the attention he is seeking.

Step 4

Have him neutered as soon as possible. Neutering will calm him and stop him from becoming more hyper if there is a female in heat in the area. It is also better for him health-wise, since neutered dogs will not injure themselves when trying to reach a female dog.

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