Cute Puppy Haircuts

Puppy cuts are among the common styles for dogs of all ages.
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Grooming helps your puppy keep clean and his hair neat. It can help maintain healthy body temperature, and it reduces shedding. You want a cut that's easy to groom and yet is fashionable, too. Puppy cuts, generally, are cuts that give priority to simplicity. When it's time to take your puppy to the groomer, communicating what puppy hairstyle you want will help ensure a clean and cute haircut.

The Puppy Cut

The basic puppy cut, a short crop typically reserved for young dogs, is a popular grooming option because of its gentle, sweet look -- it's also a cut that's accepted by the AKC for show puppies. Many dog lovers cut their adult canines in a puppy cut because it's easier to maintain than AKC-approved adult show cuts. In a puppy cut, the hair is cut in short, evenly around the entire body, legs and paws. The dog's hair is cut in rounded, fringed layers. The puppy cut is ideal for small breeds, such as Yorkshire terriers, Maltese and Shih Tzus. It's also a great cut for small breeds with thick coats, like Pomeranians, who need to keep cool during warmer weather.

The Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut will leave you wanting to snuggle your freshly groomed pup. Similar to the basic puppy cut, a teddy bear cut will leave a dog's hair in short, gentle and even layers of fur around the entire body, legs and paws. However, the hair around the face keeps most of its length, receiving a simple cleanup trim instead. Breeds like Pomeranians and Yorkshire terriers look especially sweet with teddy bear cuts.

The Topknot

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The topknot isn't so much of a haircut as it is a hairstyle. Typical on Shih Tzus and other dogs with longer hair, the topknot is made of the puppy's long facial hair around its forehead, eyes and nose; they're brushed and pulled back to the top of the head, then cinched with a rubber band and often a bow. This keeps pesky hair out of your puppy's face -- plus, it's positively adorable.

The Lion Cut

Your young puppy can take on a more fierce look with the lion cut. The style gives the dog the appearance of a mane. It works well with Pomeranians, chows and any dog with a thick coat of fur. With a lion cut, the body is cut short while the hair around the head and neck is left long and thick. Sometimes, the tail is trimmed in a way that just the tip of the tail is long, while the rest is cut short.

The Mohawk Cut

The Mohawk cut is perfect for a punk puppy look. Groomers giving a puppy a Mohawk cut will shave the body hair down to about an inch, save for a strip of hair down the middle of the puppy's head and body. This middle strip of hair can often be styled to stick up, if it doesn't do so on its own, much like a Mohawk. The Mohawk cut serves owners who want to do something with a little more personality for their young dogs.

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