What Does a Cream Point Persian Kitten Look Like?

Bubbly champagne color and a bubbly personality wrapped up in a cute little ball of fluff are the hallmarks of cream point Persian kittens. From the pointed little ears to the fluffy tail and big round eyes, it's easy to identify -- and be enchanted by -- one of these cute kittens.


Pointed kittens aren't young cats who've won points at shows or for good looks, although they are usually good-looking. Instead, the term refers to colorful points on the body, including the nose, ears, feet and tail. At birth it can sometimes be hard to tell pointed kittens apart from solid ones since the color points are very light and darken as the cat ages. The amount of color in the points can also change with the temperature, darkening in cooler weather and fading when it's hot. Pointed Persians come in several different colors, but cream is the lightest. Persians are often called Himalayan Persians or just Himalayans, but they are part of the Persian breed.

Cream Color

Without getting too deep into complicated genetics, it's safe to say that cream color in cats, including pointed Persians, is the dilute of red. It is a soft buff color that you would probably get if you stirred white and red together. Unlike blue, chocolate, seal or red, the cream color in kittens doesn't come on strong. Especially in pointed Persians, it is usually only faintly noticeable. Even as an adult, a cream-pointed Persian will have only light coloring on the points.


A true cream point Persian will always have blue eyes. The shade may range from deep ocean blue to pale sky blue or anywhere in between, but they will be blue. In general, Persian cats who do not have color points will have green, hazel or golden eyes. The bright blue eyes on pointed Persians come from crossing Siamese cats into the breed to create the Himalayan version of Persians.

Body Color

To make matters confusing, the body color of a cream point Persian is often described as creamy white. This is different from the cream color points though, and refers to the fact that instead of being bright white, fur on the body is usually a soft ivory or off-white color that complements the color of the points.

Other Features

Cream points should have all the physical features of any other color Persian. Kittens are especially adorable with lots of thick fluffy fur that will eventually grow into a long, flowing coat and extra-short muzzles that blend into the rest of their face. A Persian kitten's face is sometimes described as pansy-like, with a round head, round eyes and a flat little nose. The legs are thick-boned and the body is short and cobby. Persian kittens will often have little tufts of extra fur at the tips of their ears and sometimes on the feet.

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