What Does a Tortoiseshell Norwegian Forest Cat Look Like?

These semi-longhaired felines hail from Scandinavia.
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The Norwegian forest cat is a graceful breed of feline with relatively long fur, similar in length to that of the Maine Coon. These Norwegian natives appear in a wide array of different colors and patterns, basically anything from jet black and snow white to tabby and tortoiseshell, the latter of which is a type of cat coat coloration that exists almost exclusively in the fairer gender -- females.

Tortoiseshell Coloring

Tortoiseshell cats have coats that are mixed, color-wise. A Norwegian forest cat with classic tortoiseshell coloring may possess a wide array of different spots of color all throughout her fur, including black, brown, red, orange and beige. As far as size goes, the spots can range from little flecks to substantial areas that make up a large portion of the back area, for instance. All tortoiseshells are different and no two specimens have the exact same coloration. One tortie may have a lot more orange on her fur than another, and another may have more red, beige, black or brown. Tortoiseshell coloration is not exclusive to Norwegian forest cats, and appears in a wide array of different breeds, including domestic shorthairs and longhairs.

Norwegian Forest Cat Coat Appearance

Norwegian forest cats originated in frosty Scandinavia, and because of that possess thick and soft double coats. The upper portion of the coats consists of rough guard hairs, while the lower portion is very dense.

Norwegian Forest Cat Size

Norwegian forest cats are on the big side, and have robust physiques with ample muscles. Adult females generally weigh from 9 to 12 pounds, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association. Adult males are bigger than females, and usually tip the scales somewhere between 12 and 16 pounds.

Norwegian Forest Cat Facial Characteristics

These Scandinavian cats have relatively large, almond-shaped eyes that usually are copper, gold or green. Shape-wise, their heads are triangular, with level skulls. The foundations of their ears are broad, although they become narrower and softer-edged at the top.

Norwegian Forest Cat Tail

These cats sport lengthy tails that have a soft, furry look. The bushy tails get narrower as they approach the ends.

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