How to Convert a Jacket Into a Dog Coat

Recycle an old coat to make your dog a warm jacket.
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Get some extra life out of one of your old coats by converting it into a dog jacket. Reusing the old fabric keeps the old coat out of the landfill. It also gives you an inexpensive way to keep your dog warm while you get bragging rights for your creation.

Transform an Old Coat

Step 1

Spread the coat out flat, pin all the pattern pieces to the coat, and cut out each piece.

Step 2

Remove the pins but keep the pattern pieces with the cut out pieces of coat, just in case you need to refer back to directions printed on the pattern.

Step 3

Set the sewing machine to make a zigzag stitch and sew all the way around the outer edge of each piece of coat fabric. This reduces the chance the jacket will fray and fall apart later.

Step 4

Sew the inner seams of the leg pieces to form a tube, stitch the leg pieces into the leg holes in the jacket's body panel, top-stitch the hook and loop tape in place along the body panel's long, straight opening and finish the zigzagged edges with a top-stitched hem.

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