How to Control Dog Hair & Dust in Your Home

Bathe and groom your dog often for a fur-free home.
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Nothing can take away from the love and joy that we get from our dogs, except maybe the dog hair and dander they spread all over our homes. Nothing can stop the shedding, but there are steps you can take to control the spread of fur and dander.

Step 1

Brush your dog often and bathe it as often as your veterinarian recommends. Also, confirm with your veterinarian that you are using the correct shampoo, some shampoos can dry the skin, and lead to more dander and shedding.

Step 2

Block off rooms you do not wish your dog to enter, like the bedroom, kitchen and dining room. It isn't convenient to step over a baby gate every time you want a drink, but neither is re-washing your dishes before every meal.

Step 3

Install an air filtration system. Some systems are as simple as adding a filter to your vents, while other require professional installation directly into the heating and air conditioning units. If you don't have central air and heating, purchase a stand alone air purifier. Regardless of the system you use, the key to success is in cleaning and replacing the filters regularly.

Step 4

Vacuum daily. Cleaning experts, like New York Times best-selling author Linda Cobb, suggest using a vacuum cleaner with a bag because canister vacuums require you to dump the waste into the trash, which can release the dust, dander and fur right back into the air. For maximum effectiveness, use a high quality bag vacuum with a HEPA filter, which eliminates fine particles of dust from the vacuum cleaner's exhausted air.

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