How to Comb a Yorkie

Yorkie hair is similar to human hair.

Yorkie hair is similar to human hair.

Your precious Yorkie has a wonderful silky coat with no undercoat. It doesn't take much more than a breeze for the long, straight hair to tangle. The best way to groom such a pup's coat is with a comb so you are less likely to damage his silky coat.

Combing Between Shampoos

Place your Yorkie on a grooming table or a table lined with a towel or pad. Using a wide-tooth comb, start at your pup’s spine and comb out toward the end of the hair. For manageability, comb small sections at a time.

Spray detangler or conditioner on any knots or mats you encounter. Using your fingers, work the mats out from the outer edges to the inside. If you can't work them out with your fingers, use the outer teeth of a fine-tooth comb. Start from the edge of the mat or tangle.

Continue to comb your Yorkie's body with a wide-tooth comb, spraying any problem areas with the detangler. Place your pup on his side so you can reach areas around the legs and hindquarters. Tangles can occur under the armpits, so switch to a fine-tooth comb to remove the tangles.

Comb around your pup's eyes and whiskers. Use the fine-tooth comb, being careful not to touch the eyes. The fine-tooth comb works well to comb the fine hair around his ears, as well. Once you are done combing your pooch, reward him with a treat.

Combing After Shampooing

Shampoo your Yorkie every few weeks. Use a mild shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Use a conditioner to avoid tangles.

Remove excess water with a towel. Do not rub the hair with the towel. Rubbing can cause tangles.

Comb your pup’s hair with a wide-tooth comb as you blow-dry your pup's hair. Set the dryer on a low speed and be careful not to aim it at the skin. As you blow-dry the hair, comb the hair from the spine area out to the end of the hair. Work your way in this manner around his body. If you encounter tangles, work them out with your fingers or use a fine-tooth comb.

Comb the whiskers, eye area and ear hair with the fine-tooth comb. Lay your pup on his side to check for tangles in the hindquarters and armpits. When you are done, reward your pooch with a treat.

Items you will need

  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Detangler
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Treats
  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog conditioner
  • Towel
  • Blow-dryer


  • Comb your pup everyday. That will reduce the amount of tangles that occur.
  • Comb your pup before you shampoo him. Work out any mats or tangles. Comb him again afterward.


  • Don't pull on tangles. Work them slowly.

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