How to Comb a Pomeranian

A haircut might be a good idea.
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As you might expect of any dog that fluffy, Pomeranians need a lot of grooming. A double-layer coat, exceptionally long hair and rather sensitive skin mean there is no way you are going to get away with a three-minute brush once a week.

Step 1

Acquire the necessary grooming tools. You need a few for a Pomeranian—including a bristle brush and possibly a wire pin brush and slicker brush. The bristle brush is for general brushing, the wire pin for areas where his fur is longer and the slicker brush for removing tangles in the undercoat. For combing, you need a fine-toothed steel comb, which enables you to remove tangles in the outer coat and loose hairs. Also get some dog conditioner (and shampoo for baths) and a spray bottle—for example a plant mister.

Step 2

Book a session with a professional dog groomer. Pomeranians are not easy to groom and it is helpful to get a demonstration of the correct brushing and combing techniques. You definitely need a demonstration of nail clipping, ear cleaning and tooth-brushing. It is also advisable to get his hair trimmed short. Unless you are showing your dog, there is little need for him to have long hair; in addition to being a grooming nightmare it can be uncomfortable for the dog, especially in summer.

Step 3

Make a solution of approximately one part conditioner and four parts water in the spray bottle. Shake very thoroughly.

Step 4

Place your dog on a table or other item of furniture, which makes combing less of a strain on your joints. This is going to take a while. If he is liable to try jumping off, ask somebody else to hold his collar or leash.

Step 5

Part his fur in sections and brush through, away from the part, taking care not to run the brush bristles right against his skin. If he has long hair, mist with the conditioning solution before brushing.

Step 6

Comb out tangles as you find them. Spritz on more of the conditioning solution and carefully work out the tangle, holding the fur near the base so you don’t pull painfully. If the tangle is stubborn and not too near the skin, snip it off with scissors.

Step 7

Comb through his coat to check that you have removed all the tangles, which will only get worse if left unattended, and any loose hairs.

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