What Color Are Male Bettas?

Male bettas are a stunning choice for any aquarium. Brighter and more colorful than their female counterparts, male bettas are a popular choice for both novice and experienced fish enthusiasts. Male bettas are famous for their vibrant fins and come in a wide range of solid colors and patterned shades.

Solid Color Male Bettas

Solid-colored male bettas are just that: fish with the same color over their fins and bodies. Solid-colored male bettas range from light to dark shades, with each color including a range of hues. Cellophane fish are the palest of all solid colors, with a flesh-colored body and nearly translucent fins. The colors gradually get darker from there, with white, copper, non-red yellow, orange, red, steel blue, dark blue, turquoise, green, and black being the main color classifications. Some variations such as green, turquoise and copper display an iridescent quality when placed under a bright light.

Bicolored Male Bettas

Bicolored male bettas have one color on their body and another color on their fins. Common types of bicolored male bettas are traditional Cambodian, green or blue Cambodian, and chocolate. Traditional Cambodian male bettas have white or flesh-colored bodies and deep red fins, while the green or blue Cambodians have fins ranging from light teal to deep navy blue. Chocolate bicolors have dark brown bodies with yellow or orange fins.

Patterned Male Bettas

Patterned male betta fish are different because they can be of multiple colors, but those colors always form a consistent pattern. Butterfly male bettas have one single body color, and their fins are divided into two distinct bands of color. Perfect butterfly coloration on the fins is 50 percent base color and 50 percent additional color, but some fish might have more or less of each color and still be considered butterfly.

Marble is another popular pattern, and it is characterized by colored spots over a light, uniform body color. Piebald is the third most common type of pattern, a solid, dark-colored body and a flesh-colored face. Piebald fish can also have lighter patches on the fins, but the face is always a flesh or pink color.

Multicolored Fish

Multicolored male bettas are fish with a multitude of colors with no particular pattern. These fish are most often the result of two recessive gene patterns that combined during breeding, resulting in fish with colors and patterns from both parents. Multicolored male bettas can include any number of colors spread out over the fish from head to tail, and they might or might not involve a specific pattern.

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