What Color Are a Kitten's Eyes Usually?

His beautiful eyes can signal illness or injury.
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If you adopted your little fur baby when he was a kitten, you probably got to see his eye color change from blue to his true adult color. His eye color will change after he opens his eyes; later changes in eye color can signal serious illness or injury.

Born Blue-Eyed and Blind

All kittens are born blind and blue-eyed. This doesn’t matter to your kitty’s overall health in his first weeks of life, because his mama carries him everywhere and does everything for him. After he begins opening his eyes and developing his sense of sight, his eye color slowly changes over the next several weeks.

It’s a myth that a blue-eyed cat will be blind. It’s more usually the case that an illness or injury changes your kitty’s eye color.

Changing Eye Color

If your kitten is a healthy little dude, his eye color will begin changing from blue to his true color starting at around three weeks of age. By the time he’s eight weeks old, this changeover should be complete, so you’ll be able to gaze lovingly into some deep tawny, brown, green or yellow eyes. As you make eye contact with your little fellow, look for flecks of amber and green in his beautiful eyes, too.

If your little guy is a Siamese, he may have inherited a disposition to crossed eyes. If this shows up early, discuss it with your vet -- but it’s probably not an issue for concern. However, if he develops crossed eyes after never having them before, this could be a sign of some kind of physical injury and demands immediate medical attention.

Eye Color and Serious Illness

After three months of age, your fur baby’s eyes shouldn’t change color any more. If you notice this happening, you should be concerned, because it’s a sign of either a medical condition or some type of physical eye damage. If the color changes drastically over a short time frame, this is a very good reason to call your vet and get your kitty-dude in, immediately.

He may have developed an eye infection or his eye color change might be signaling a serious illness. If your kitty’s eye color changes to a red-orange or an abnormal yellow color, this could be a condition called uveitis. If this isn’t treated, the damage can be permanent.

When to Be Concerned

Kitty eye color that changes to a deep brown or dark yellow signals a buildup of red blood cells inside his eyeballs. Causes can include feline leukemia, feline AIDS, eye injury or an infection.

As you keep track of your feline’s eye health, keep in mind any unusual or sudden change in eye color, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Call your vet immediately and get your kitty into his office as soon as you can.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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