Do Cocker Spaniels Play Well With Cats?

Cocker spaniel ears are great cat toys!
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The phrase “they fight like cats and dogs” worries many people who would like both pets in their life. But millions of households include both cats and dogs, and they can play together well. The temperament of cocker spaniels makes them a good playmate for cats.

Cocker Spaniel Personality

Cocker spaniels are sweet, loyal and easygoing. They love being a member of a family and get on well with children, visitors, other dogs and even cats, and they crave attention from wherever they can get it. Provided they are properly introduced and haven’t had bad past experiences with a cat, a spaniel will accept one very quickly. Those who seem wary will just require a little time and patience and they should eventually become good friends.


Cocker spaniels and cats tend to get on best if they are introduced to each other at an early age and grow up together. The first introduction must be supervised no matter what age the animals are. Make sure the cat has a safe area he can jump up to -- a cat tree is a great choice if you have one. Have the spaniel on a leash and try and keep him calm. Do not force them to interact while they get used to the sight and smell of each other. Reward them with praise and treats if things seem to be going well. Allow them each to have their own space and bring them together over time.

Tips to Make Things Them Play Well

Feed your cocker spaniel and cat in separate places to prevent one stealing food from the other which can lead to rapid feeding and digestion problems. Give each pet some individual attention and be careful not to play favorites when they are together. Make sure your kitty always has a safe place they can escape to and locate the kitty litter tray where the dog can’t access it or he will probably eat the droppings. Be affectionate with them both and encourage them to play together.

Cocker Spaniel and Cat Friendships

Sometimes despite your efforts, your cocker spaniel and cat will tolerate each other at best, or ignore each other. In most cases however they will become firm friends and will keep each other entertained and play and even sleep together. Cats love the long spaniel ears and will enjoy batting them, which the dogs tolerate well. It is good to know your pets have each other for company while you are out of the house.

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