Cocker Spaniel Clubs in Florida

Cockers can be best friends as well as show dogs.
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Some people just can’t resist the long, floppy ears and flowing coats of cocker spaniels. While these dogs can be a bit high-maintenance, they also make wonderful pets and are good prospects for different kinds of competitions. Joining a local club can help you to learn more about the breed.

SE Florida

The Cocker Spaniel Club of Southeastern Florida exists to educate new owners and to point prospective owners in the right direction. The club also is involved in anything and everything that can help to improve cocker spaniels as a breed, including encouraging owners to work their dogs in obedience and agility. This is a small club, but with big plans for their dogs, and has a membership that is involved actively in showing and training their charges. When the dogs aren’t busy at shows and trials, they are homebodies that live and play with their owners.

South Atlantic

The South Atlantic Cocker Spaniel Club has been around since the 1960s, and was established originally to encourage responsible breeding of cocker spaniels. The club carries on this mission today, promoting healthy, sound cocker spaniels by supporting not only conformation, where the dogs can win based on their looks, but also various dog sports. Cocker spaniels are active, intelligent critters that do well in obedience and agility, and a dog that participates in such activities proves that he has more to offer than just a pretty face. The club’s website also has loads of information for anyone interested in cockers.


The Suncoast Cocker Spaniel Club of Greater Clearwater is affiliated with the American Kennel Club and the American Cocker Spaniel Club. Members have dedicated themselves to protecting and preserving the cocker spaniel as a breed, and the group works to promote these dogs through conformation shows and obedience trials. Owners are encouraged to be involved with the club’s various events, including the breed specialty show and sweepstakes that they hold at the beginning of each summer in Orlando. Prospective cocker spaniel owners are encouraged to come out and meet some cocker spaniels in person before purchasing one.


Florida contains several active cocker spaniel rescue groups. These folks find cocker spaniels in many places, most commonly at shelters or from private owners who no longer can care for them. The dogs are placed in foster homes until a permanent family comes along. Anyone who’s interested in a recue cocker can expect to pay for the dog, since the money collected goes to cover what was spent on that dog plus support of more rescues. Cocker Rescue of Fort Lauderdale and the Cocker Spaniel & Small Dog Rescue of Central Florida are two of Florida’s more active groups.

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