Do Cockatiels Need a Play Gym?

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Browsing the rows and rows of cockatiel toys and accessories at the pet supply shop, you start to wonder how much of it is necessary and how much is marketing. Don't draw the line at a play gym for your cockatiel, though. That is one item you'll both appreciate.

It's A Must

Getting a play gym for your cockatiel is as important as providing a proper cage. Frieda needs to spend at least a few hours every day outside of her cage for exercise and to keep her mentally stimulated. A play gym is the ideal way for her to climb around and explore because you won't have to worry about her destructive little habits like chewing or leaving droppings on your furniture.

Activity Central

Effective play gyms for cockatiels have ample activities to keep your feathered friend busy. They sport swings, perches and ladders to climb and play on. They have food and water dishes to provide a snack during play, and have hooks to hang toys from, too. The more interesting the play gym is, the more likely Frieda will be to spend many happy hours on it busily climbing, nibbling and playing.

Fancy Is Not A Requirement

Cockatiel play gyms come in many forms from simple perches with one ladder, food and water dishes and a few hooks for toys, to larger scale ones that can be 5 or 6 feet tall with ropes in addition to ladders and numerous toy hooks. You don't have to go all-out unless you have the money and the space for one of the elite models. Your 'tiel may be happy with a simple rope ladder or net, just as long as she has a place to climb and a few things to shred.

Placing A Play Gym

It's important to find the perfect location for Frieda's play gym. It has to be comfortable and free from drafts. It should be secure from other pets and not be near an open window or a ceiling fan. Find a place that is at the hub of the activities of your home. Frieda will be happy to have the company if she's in the same room you and the family are and you can keep an eye on her as she plays to make sure she doesn't get into trouble.

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