Characteristics & Behaviors of Pomeranians

The Pomeranian is a small dog with a large attitude.
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If you are considering adding a spunky small dog to your newly-formed union, the Pomeranian may be for you. This member of the American Kennel Club toy group originates from larger herding Spitz breeds, but isn't built to work. This pint-sized pooch would rather be a pampered lap dog.

Breed Basics

There may be several reasons that you are opting for a little breed. Busy lifestyles, a small home or an apartment that only allows dogs under a specific weight limit may have led you to consider the Pomeranian. However, this miniature canine has everything to offer that a larger dog has without the size. The Pomeranian is energetic, with an activity level that allows you to spend fun time playing or taking walks. This little powerhouse also is intelligent, and eager to learn tricks and commands from her owners or an obedience instructor. The Pomeranian also is a compact-sized protector. The breed is well known for its watchdog characteristics, and is quick to alert its owners to the presence of strangers with warning barks.

Looks to Love

In addition to her appealing temperament, the Pomeranian also is an adorable-looking little pooch. With thick, plushy fur that comes in many colors and expressive marble-like eyes, this beautiful canine resembles a miniature herding or sled dog breed, such as other spitz-type dogs, like the Samoyed, Malamute or American Eskimo Dog. The red or golden-colored Pomeranian may even resemble a fox. If a small dog will suit your lifestyle, the Pomeranian's size is a good match to add to your family.This little dog proves the old adage that good things come in small packages, because all of her energy, affection and loyalty is packaged in a body that typically weighs 7 pounds or less.

Behavior Basics

If you are looking for a tiny dog with big capacity to add to the love of your new life together, the Pomeranian has a lot to offer. Members of this breed family become very attached to their owners, and become loyal for their lifetimes. However, training is essential when it comes to keeping your little friend at her best behavior. The Pomeranian has the tendency to have a bold temperament, and can be stubborn and even dominant over other animals. Kind, gentle commands, training and socialization with other animals and people will help this spirited pooch from thinking she is the center of more than just your world.

Lasting Loyalty

Health and longevity are two other important characteristics that Pomeranian owners enjoy about their little pets. Though they are prone to some health issues such as skin, teeth, eye and knee problems, more serious health concerns, such as heart conditions, may occur but are less likely. With exercise, a healthful diet, regular veterinarian care and lots of love, a Pomeranian can be expected to live 15 years or even longer.

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