How to Take Care of a Yorkie Poo

I'm the yorkie half of yorkie poo.
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A cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a toy or miniature poodle, the yorkie poo has traits from both breeds. Since yorkies and poodles are smart, cute little canines, the yorkie poo probably inherits these assets. Your pup may favor one breed over the other, in both appearance and behavior.

Yorkie Poos

The goal of Yorkie poo breeders should be to produce puppies with the best qualities of both breeds. Of course, the possibility exists that the puppies could pick up the worst traits ... perish the thought. Both breeds suit apartment living and don't require a lot of exercise. Because they're so small, they're not a great choice if you have little kids, but should be fine with older children who know how to handle them correctly.


Just because yorkie poos are small doesn't mean they don't need training like their bigger brethren. While they can't knock someone down if they jump up on them, untrained yorkie poos can create their own brand of mischief. Yorkie poos are good little watchdogs, but that yapping -- sorry, barking -- can quickly get out of hand. Take your yorkie poo to puppy kindergarten for the basics. He might not be the easiest puppy to housebreak, but with consistency it will happen sooner or later. Poodles are generally easier to train than Yorkies. Your results may vary.


Poodles have curly, non-shedding coats. Yorkshire terriers have fine, silky hair. Yorkie poos may tend more to the scraggly, but many of them sport coats reflecting the poodle side of the family. While all yorkie poos require daily brushing, whether your dog needs regular visits to the groomer depends on coat texture. If he's poodly, he'll need you or a groomer to clip him about every six weeks. Yorkie poos favoring the Yorkshire terrier parent don't require as much coat maintenance, although they still need occasional spruce-ups.


One theory behind the idea of crossbreeding certain purebred dogs is that the resulting litter is less likely to experience the genetic diseases that plague the parent breeds. That may or may not be true. You know to feed your yorkie poo a high-quality dog food and take him to the vet for regular check-ups and vaccinations. Because your yorkie poo is small, he might suffer from dental problems, which affect both breeds and little dogs in general. That's because it's hard for 42 adult canine teeth to fit comfortably in one little mouth. Start brushing your dog's teeth when he's a puppy, so it becomes part of his daily routine. In addition to preventing tartar build-up, you become familiar with his mouth so that if there is a tooth problem you notice it right away.

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