What Causes a Cat's Tail to Become Kinked?

A kinked tail can have a variety of different meanings.
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If you're often around a member of the feline species, then you probably spend a good portion of your time totally baffled by her mysterious actions and moods. However, a cat's tail can often be very helpful in unlocking her current emotions, whether it's bristling, rapidly thrashing around or kinked.


In some cases, a kinked tail can indicate pure interest. If your cat's tail is very subtly elevated with a rather soft curve to it, it may mean that she's absolutely fascinated and engaged by something, whether it's the sight of the merry birds fluttering outside of the window or of you devouring a big, heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs. This kitty is captivated by someone or something, and her kinked tail says it all.


When your cat's tail is kinked but at the same time wedged between her hind legs, it may be a sign that something is making her feel absolutely intimidated and vulnerable at the moment. This is not a sign of a cat at the top of her game, but rather of one feeling pretty submissive and weak. Perhaps a larger and more menacing cat is in her vicinity and she feels inferior. She also may be worried that the other cat is on the verge of physical attack -- ugh.


If the kink of your cat's tail is pointing in a slightly downward direction, you may just have a very peaceful, satisfied and "chilled out" cutie on your hands. Aww. This kitty doesn't have a worry in the world. All is wonderful and calm in her life, at least for the moment, of course.


Sometimes, a kink in a cat's tail can actually be a very bad thing. For example, if your pet's tail is close to the ground with its tip pointing to the sky, it may be a sign that she's in the midst of defense mode. When a cat's tail is positioned in this manner, don't be shocked if the little one gears up to physically protect herself. This kind of kinked tail may be the result of absolute feline belligerence.


An upright tail that has a very minor curve on the tip may mean that your cat is feeling pretty jovial and amiable at the moment. This cat is 100 percent ready to be friendly with you, whether it's time to play feline "fetch" or enjoy some comfortable and cozy back rubs on the couch.

If your fluff ball "hugs" your leg with her curved tail, she's essentially giving you a warm and happy "Hello! Notice me." It can also be indicative of pure enthusiasm, too.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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