Do Cats Smile?

Uncover your kitty's emotional clues.
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Although your dear kitty may not be able to physically "smile" exactly like a person, that definitely doesn't mean she doesn't have her own ways to express joy. Cats are highly emotional creatures, and the better equipped you are to understand her feelings, the happier you both will be.


Although meowing sometimes can also be a sign of distress or demand, it can be a way for your kitty to smile at you. When cats are in a good mood, like people, they sometimes get talkative and giddy. If your cat is meowing to her heart's content, she's basically grinning. The higher the pitch is, the happier she is. Lower meows occasionally indicate dissatisfaction or annoyance.


To get the temperature of your pet's mood, check out the activity of her tail -- a very reliable gauge of her emotional state. Quivering tails can point to uncertainty, fear and irritation, but a tail that shoots up to the sky means your cat is feeling great and that all is good in the world -- essentially, a kitty smile.


The purr is one of the most famous cat communication techniques, and thankfully, also one of the most common. When your cat is producing that low, comforting trill, she's happy, relaxed and calm. Felines tend to purr a lot during mealtime, which should come as no surprise to any seasoned cat owner.


Observe your cat's ears for signs that she's smiling. If her ears are facing forward, she's feeling joyous. She's probably also intently focused on something -- perhaps the chirping birds in the trees right in front of her cozy window perch.


Cute kitties also smile a lot with their eyes. If your cat's eyes have a bright appearance, it means she's content. Narrow pupils also point to satisfaction and relaxation.


One of the biggest compliments that a cat can give you is exposing her belly to you. After all, when a cat is on her back, she is at her most vulnerable. This is a sign that she trusts you completely -- indeed a kitty smile. Be very honored! Another surefire sign of trust? When your cat steadily and calmly blinks at you. Aww. What on earth could be better than that?

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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