What Cats Do Not Shed Hair?

Several breeds of hairless cats don't shed hair.
i The Canadian sphynx. light background image by Indigo Fish from Fotolia.com

All cats with hair will shed some of it. Short-haired cat breeds typically shed less hair than long-haired cats. If you want a cat that doesn’t shed hair at all, choose a cat that has no hair. Although these breeds might look somewhat alienlike, they are cats all the same.


The sphynx, a domestic cat, is naturally hairless. Sometimes, however, a fine down is on the body, making this cat feel like a peach. These curious cats love to be the center of attention. They are silly and are often clumsy in their attempts to show off to you. They love people, dogs and other cats. This rare and unusual breed tends to get cold but typically knows how to warm up, usually by getting under a blanket with you or by curling up by your computer monitor.


An intelligent, loyal, loving, playful, friendly and hairless cat, the donskoy comes from Russia. The wrinkled skin makes this breed look old and wizened, almost like the movie character ET, according to the International Cat Association. Although hairless, the donskoy feels warm and soft to the touch, making it an enjoyable cat to cuddle. The donskoy is extremely social, is happiest when getting attention from humans and needs a companion pet. Of the four types of coats this breed can have, all but one is hairless. Some donskoys are born with hair that falls out, some are born with no hair and some have wiry hair that remains on the body with bald spots on the head or back.


A cross between the donskoy and the Oriental shorthair, the peterbald also comes from Russia. The feature that most distinguishes the peterbald from the donskoy is the ears; the peterbald sports ears that resemble a bat’s. Peterbalds are graceful, athletic cats who often perform an aerial balletlike dance when they play. This breed loves to be around his owners and misses them when they are gone. Peterbalds also like children and dogs and don’t like to be alone for too long. Some peterbalds are bald and some aren’t. The completely bald ones have a warm and sticky feel and prefer a massage to being petted; others who are 90 percent bald don’t feel sticky. Some have wiry hair.


The Cornish rex and Devon rex are separate breeds, both from England. The Cornish rex has hair, but it’s very short and feels like velvet or silk. These cats do shed hair, but the shedding is minimal to most other cats. The Devon rex’s coat varies between a full, curly coat to a suedelike one. A Devon rex with a suedelike coat might have bald spots. Both breeds are active, playful, inquisitive cats. The Cornish rex, because it sports handlike paws, can pick up and toss small objects. Because the Devon rex is a powerful jumper, he tends to explore everything, even the top of your shoulder.

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