What Does an American Pit Bull Terrier Look Like?

"Pittie" is a common nickname for the breed.
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American pit bull terriers are a breed of mid-sized dogs who count both bulldogs and terriers as part of their heritage, like their names convey. In history, these robust canines' forefathers were employed for a multitude of purposes, one of which was game hunting.


Male American pit bull terriers are often bigger than females, although the differences aren't significant. Starting from the shoulders, males usually grow to between 15 and 20 inches in height. Females generally grow to between 14 and 19 inches. Males typically tip the scales somewhere between 35 and 70 pounds, while females typically weigh between 30 and 60 pounds. American pit bull terriers have dense and sporty physiques. Their physiques have more length than height, but just by a little.


American pit bull terriers are equipped with short, firm and shiny fur that is set tightly against their bodies. They appear in all sorts of colors and color schemes, including but not limited to deep brown, white, black, bluish and brindle. Many American pit bull terriers' coats feature two to three colors. Their coats are relatively low maintenance, with no elaborate daily grooming necessities. Like most dogs, they do shed a bit, and because of that benefit from brushing and combing sessions twice weekly. Brushing and combing can help eliminate stray hairs in the coat.

Face and Head

If you observe an American pit bull terrier's face and head alone, you might notice a few signature physical characteristics of the breed. Some standout features of these strapping dogs are sizable noses, broad nostrils, wide muzzles, circular eyes, wide chests and substantial necks. American pit bull terriers boast massive heads with somewhat rectangular forms. Their heads contribute greatly to their rugged and rather meaty exterior.

Other Noteworthy Physical Traits

Other physical characteristics that are associated with American pit bull terriers include circular feet, shortish tails and sinewy front limbs. Their backs often have some subtle elevation between their rear ends and shoulders, although this isn't the case with 100 percent of these dogs. When American pit bull terriers walk around, they often exude self-assured and adventurous vibes, with walking styles that are relaxed, fluid, nimble and tough.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The classic American pit bull terrier, looks a lot like the American Staffordshire terrier. These two breeds, in history, were classified as being a single entity. They presently have separate pedigrees, however.

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