Do Cats Like Paper Bags?

Paper bags -- cat's best friend.
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Cats are intriguing creatures -- full of wonderment and surprises. Just when you think you know her, your whiskered baby does something unexpected. For example, if you purchased your cutie a fancy laser toy, you might just notice that she prefers the bland paper bag it came in.


Cats are naturally curious -- and perhaps kind of sneaky -- little things. Many cats love paper bags simply because, when totally empty, they make pretty good hiding spots -- and an ideal fit for a cat's small physique. Your pet may think she's pretty slick hiding in your empty supermarket bag long after you've put all of your groceries away. Apart from hiding, felines also usually love "attacking" these bags by pouncing on them. If you're on a budget but still want your pet to have oodles of fun, classic paper bags from the store may just be the solution.

Solitary Play

The ASPCA says that cats enjoy paper bags for solitary play purposes. If a cat is fixated on a specific item, whether a paper bag or an old leather shoe, it is an example of solitary play. At the other end of the spectrum, cats also frequently partake in social play, which is interactive and involves either other animals or people.

Mental Stimulation

Many cats adore playing with paper bags, and luckily, the ASPCA also states that this type of interactive activity can be beneficial for kitty's mental stimulation. If your cat is by himself with nothing else to do, playing with paper bags may be an effective and fun way to stimulate his brain -- and also possibly prevent behavioral issues from emerging in the future. An occupied cat is a happy cat, indeed.


If you allow your precious pet to play with paper bags, always make sure that she's 100 percent safe. If the bag consists of handles, take them off. With handles intact on the bag, your little one could risk getting trapped inside of them -- not fun at all. Just a little precaution could prevent a lot of distress in your kitty, and in you too.

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