Why Do Cats Like Cardboard?

Cats and cardboard boxes go together like peanut butter and jelly.
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Cats are intriguing creatures, full of wonderment and surprises. Even if you just purchased your precious kitty a fancy laser beam mouse gift, she may turn her nose up at it in favor of the -- you guessed it -- bland, boring cardboard box just sitting in the corner.


Cats instinctively and innately often adore being in tiny and confined quarters, even though the claustrophobic thought may leave you scratching your head in utter confusion. You may have noticed your cat has a penchant for hiding away in the tightest and most awkward of spaces in your home, from the back of the refrigerator to your cramped clothing drawer shelves. A cat may enjoy going inside of a cardboard box for the simple feeling of protection against any possible predators. She may feel hidden away from the rest of the world -- and safe, as a result of it.


Cats, like the old saying goes, are famously curious little creatures. They love exploring and investigating new things -- cardboard boxes included. They can "surprise attack" cardboard boxes. They can jump on, in and out of cardboard boxes -- hours of nonstop fun. They can also hide inside of them -- a bonus for their mischievous, sneaky and downright charming sides.


Whether the cardboard is part of a box or not, a cat may just love chewing on it. Chewing is not solely a habit for canines, although it is significant rarer in felines. Some kitties take on the unusual behavior as a means of seeking comfort. Chewing isn't exclusive to cardboard and paper materials, however. Some pets take on the dangerous habit of chewing on cords and wires, too. Not good.


Some cats may like cardboard boxes because, simply put, the things can be pretty darn cozy. When a cat is surrounded on all sides by cardboard, she may feel snug, relaxed and very warm. If you give the fluff ball a soft little throw blanket while she's in the box, you might not see her cute face again for a few days, so take note!

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