Cat Calming Home Remedies

Help your kitty feel mellow and relaxed.
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Cats have a reputation for usually being cool, independent and devil-may-care creatures. However, as any cat owner is well aware, that can change in the blink of an eye. Whether your cat is frightened, restless or simply hyperactive, some good old-fashioned calming home remedies are just what the doctor ordered.


One popular and all-natural solution for stressed out kitties is catnip. The minty herb emits a fragrant oil that gives cats a totally safe burst of happiness and well-being. Some cats try to eat it, some try to roll around in it -- all the while looking pretty silly and cute. In general, the stimulating reaction lasts for several minutes at a time, then promptly wears off. Just put a pinch of dried catnip on top of your cat's favorite toy -- say a stuffed mouse -- and you're ready to go!


Get your on-edge kitty on the path back to relaxation by playing with her. Cats are indeed capable of playing on their own, but the interaction with you may go a long way. Play hide and seek with her. Throw her preferred fuzzy ball around for her to chase. Snuggle with her. You may just be surprised as to how positively your cat responds to this. Also, don't just do this for one day and then stop on a dime. Regular interactive playtime is a must for maintaining a happy, healthy and calm feline.

Bird Feeder

Cats are naturally curious creatures. When you walk down your street, you probably notice many of your neighborhood cats staring longingly out their windows at the surrounding landscape. If your cat is stressed out, hyper or scared, calm her down by placing a bird table just outside your window. Make sure your kitty has a comfortable perch so she can stare at birds to her heart's content. This will keep her focused on the pretty birds and not on whatever issue has her so riled up.


Cats are very self-sufficient animals when it comes to grooming, using their tongues and teeth to manage their cleanliness needs. Despite that, it can't hurt for you to help your kitty with the job. You can prevent tangling and unpleasant hairballs from being a part of your cat's life. Not to mention, brushing your cat is a great way to relax her. Connect and bond with your pet by engaging in a ritual that will remind her of her sweet days as a kitten with mommy -- aww!

Aromatic Oils

Many cat lovers are fans of calming their kitties with essential oils -- think chamomile and lavender. Although these herbs are harmless for humans, insufficient evidence exists to back their safety for our cuddly pals. Speak to your cat's vet before putting a pinch of chamomile on her feather wand. Ask him about the possible risk of liver damage, for instance. After all, your cat is more than worth the caution!

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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