The Best Carpeting for Dogs

Scruffy may trash your carpet, but he still loves you unconditionally.
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You know you're a dog lover when your choose carpeting based on what better suits your dog. While it's true that some wear and tear from four-legged traffic can take a toll on your carpet; there are many dog-friendly options to consider that'll give your pooch the red carpet treatment.

No Stains "Fur" You

Don't let your pampered pooch redecorate your carpet with unsightly yellow polka-dot stains; instead, try to invest in carpets that use innovative stain resistant technology. You want to look for carpets made of easy-to-clean materials such as stain resistant polypropylene (Olefin) that is bleach proof. This means stains will sit on the surface of the fiber, and should your companion come home from the yard once day and puke up green chewed-up grass, you can safely clean it up with a bleach-based cleaner. Also, ask about gel back or water proof backing.

Not a Hair out of Place

It's not a bad idea to use Scruffy as a source of inspiration when it comes to choosing the best carpet color. Your goal in this case should be to match your carpet color with the color of your pooch's hair so that when shedding season comes by, those stray hairs won't be as visible as they would on a contrasting color. For instance, don't buy an immaculate white carpet when you own a dark dog such as a Labrador, Doberman or Rottweiler.

Out of the Loop

Pay close attention to the fibers of the carpet you choose before making a commitment. You may want to skip carpets that have loop yarns as they can capture Scruffy's claws as he playfully romps around the house. Also, those nails can unravel the loops causing damage to the carpet. These problems can be easily bypassed by choosing a cut-pile carpet without loop fibers and by being diligent in trimming your pooch's nails on a routine basis.

Red Carpet Treatment

A soft carpet provides your pampered pooch with a comfortable surface to walk on and a comfy place to snooze. Should Scruffy get an itch, he may also enjoy rolling and rubbing his back on the carpet. For dogs who like to play rough, a carpet also provides a safe, non-slip surface and a soft landing area for all those tumbles. Best of all, if you own dogs who love to whine, bark and howl, a carpet can increase the acoustic absorbency of your room especially if you add a cushion beneath the carpet.

Swept Under the Carpet

Carpets can do a whole lot in giving your home a comfy, aesthetically appealing look, but there are several things carpeting companies don't want you to know. For instance, you may not be aware of the fact that new carpets emit several chemical compounds known as volatile organic compounds that can be deleterious to pets with sensitivities and allergies. If you're concerned about this, air out the carpet prior to installation and look for carpeting with Green Label Plus Certification.

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