The Best Floor Tiles for Cats

The best pet-friendly tile is comfortable, durable and stain resistant.
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Slip Slidin' Away isn't just a beloved Simon & Garfunkel song; it's often what happens when the family cat connects with the home's flooring. Kitty versus slippery surface might make for a humorous two minutes on video, but choosing a slip-resistant tile may be more cat friendly.


Stone tiles are cat friendly with their scratch resistant surface. Stone is highly durable and not easily stained. Cleanup is easy, and as every pet owner knows, accidents will happen. Stone lends itself nicely to a variety of style choices. It can transform an otherwise bland space into something rustic and warm, and can take on a more contemporary feel with the right accessories. It's durability can provide years of enjoyment, but it can be lacking in warmth and comfort, which might not meet your feline's needs when she is seeking a cozy place to curl up for one of her hundreds of naps.

Porcelain and Ceramic

Similar to stone, porcelain and ceramic are good choices in terms of durability. They can both stand up to years of contact with a feline's claws. Cats are always in search of something to scratch, whether it be to groom their claws, or while stretching their languid bodies after a long sleep. Ceramic and porcelain can withstand an occasional kitty puddle and are stain resistant, as long as spills are cleaned up promptly. As with stone, either choice can be hard and uncomfortable.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is an excellent choice for a pet-friendly environment. These tiles can replicate the appearance of stone, slate and hardwood, for a fraction of the cost. Vinyl tile is easy to install and affordable, and will withstand a plethora of hardships, such as scratching, water bowl spills, foot traffic and the occasional "shoot and miss," with kitty's litter box. Vinyl tiles are durable and long lasting, and create a warm and slip resistant surface on which the family cat can lounge.


Many home improvement aficionados are turning to rubber flooring. Rubber is frequently used in mats designed for use in horse stalls, as it has the durability to stand up to the pounding of a horse's mighty hooves. It is soft, durable, slip resistant and can be recycled, making it a greener alternative to other flooring choices. It is less budget friendly, initially, but is cost effective when one considers its long-lasting quality. Rubber is easy to maintain and can provide years of comfort for your feline companion's tender paws.

Making the Choice

Your priority list will dictate the right choice - whether it be ease of installation, appearance, durability or what is most budget friendly. There is a standout in every crowd, and one style is certain to speak to your lifestyle. If only the cat could you give you her opinion. You know she has one.

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