How to Take Care of Your New Fox Terrier

Energetic and playful, your fox terrier needs plenty of exercise and control.
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Fox terriers come in three varieties; toy, smooth and wire-haired. All three offer similar personality traits, and can be mischievous if left to their own devices. These pooches tend to have endless energy, making them best for families who can keep up with them.

Step 1

Feed your terrier a quality dog food once or twice a day. Fox terriers are energetic little buggers and need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Talk to your vet or breeder to determine how much food your little guy will need, based on his age and activity level. Split the amount into two meals and feed him twice a day if once doesn't seem to work or causes tummy troubles.

Step 2

One word: exercise. Terriers traditionally were used to hunt small game and needed a high energy level to keep with their little prey. Take your pup outside and let him tear around your fenced yard to get out all his excess energy. Offer plenty of toys to keep him entertained between jaunts outside. Frequent walks on a leash offer exercise without the fear of having him tear off after a squirrel or other possible prey animal he sees.

Step 3

Brush him once a week. Here's where the needs of the different fox terrier varieties differ. Toy and smooth coated fox terriers need only a rub-down once a week with a rubber grooming mitt to keep their coats smooth and clean. Wire-haired terriers require a pin or slicker brush for their weekly brushing, as their hair is coarser and longer. Baths are a rarity for these dogs, usually only necessary if they seem particularly dirty or smelly. Use a gentle dog shampoo and rinse all soap residue out of the coat when you're done.

Step 4

Have a groomer strip your wire-haired fox terrier's coat twice a year. The coarse topcoat of your wire-haired pooch requires regular, manual removal to encourage new coat growth. Let a professional groomer take care of this time-consuming necessity, as doing it wrong could hurt your dog.

Step 5

Lay down the law and let your terrier know who's boss. Terriers in general are smart, but stubborn, often making training a challenge. Start training him in proper, acceptable behavior as soon as he comes home and stay consistent. Seek help from a professional trainer if you're having trouble.

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