How to Take Care of Morkie Puppies

Morkie puppies, like all puppies, require a lot of care and training.
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Morkies are a hybrid breed of Yorkshire terrier and Maltese. This hybrid was originally known as Yorktese, but now is registered by most kennel clubs as Morkie. Regardless of the breed, puppies require a lot of attention, training and care. Adequate preparation can ease the puppy training process.

Step 1

Before bringing your Morkie puppy home, clear the home of any small items or plastic toys that a puppy might choke on. In addition, make sure your yard is secure so your puppy can play safely outdoors without the ability to escape.

Step 2

Set up a "dog friendly" area in your home enclosed by a dog fence, preferably on floor rather than carpet, where your dog can have a playpen in the home. This area should be near you during the daytime, so you can observe him and ensure he's not getting into trouble. This area should be on a hard surface floor rather than carpet in case your puppy has an accident. Place toys in this area so he knows this area is his place to frolic and play.

Step 3

Take your puppy outside on a leash often to relieve himself. Initially, he will not know what is expected of him. Puppies have smaller bladders than adult dogs, so he will need to relieve himself frequently. When he does this outdoors, praise him and give him a treat.

Step 4

At bedtime, place cozy blankets into the dog crate and show him that this is where he sleeps. He may cry at first until he becomes accustomed to this space, but dogs are den animals and adjust quickly to their own den. Providing your dog with a crate to sleep in will help housebreak him and will keep him from wandering through your home at night, potentially getting into trouble.

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