How to Care for a Mini Pinscher

Min pins are cute, loyal dogs.
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Mini Pinchers are known as the king of toys. These tiny dogs, generally weighing between 8 and 10 pounds, are full of energy and courage. Their loyalty to their people make them desirable companions. Those who welcome a Min Pin to their lives often end up with more than one.

Step 1

Provide regular vet care to ensure his good health. Vaccinations must be done yearly and regular checkups can be scheduled at the same time in order to catch health problems before they worsen. Schedule surgery for spay or neuter as soon as possible, not only to prevent unwanted litters but to prevent aggression and health problems.

Step 2

Feed twice a day with a high quality dog food that has meat as the main ingredient. Avoid foods with a large amount of useless fillers such as corn. Because of his small mouth structure, stick with small bite foods and soft foods. Follow directions on food packaging, or consult with your veterinarian, as to the amount at each feeding. Provide plenty of fresh water.

Step 3

Wipe down his body with a warm wet cloth once a week to remove dirt and loose hair. Bathe with warm water and mild shampoo when needed, being careful to rinse thoroughly with water to avoid skin irritation. Trim nails once a month with guillotine clippers, cutting only small amounts to avoid bleeding; go to a professional groomer if needed to handle nail trims.

Step 4

Take daily walks of at least 30 minutes. Play games of tug of war or fetch. Stimulate your dog's mind along with physical exercise.

Step 5

Show him that you are the leader of the family. Do not allow him to jump on you without permission or to do whatever he pleases. Consider attending basic obedience classes with a qualified trainer. Small breed dogs that are treated like helpless babies and allowed to do what ever they please often decide they are the rulers of the home, which quickly leads to negative behaviors.

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