How Can I Stop My Parrot From Screaming at My Husband?

Help your noisy birdie quiet down.
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Under ideal circumstances, owning a parrot is calming, enriching and even delightful. Reality, though, isn't always ideal. If your pet parrot has a habit of screaming at another person in your household, it's up to you to turn it around. Your eardrums and your spouse will be glad you did.

Sharing the Love

If a pet parrot seems to direct his screaming behavior toward one specific person in a household setting, it may be because he feels the individual is threatening his special connection with his favorite person, whether it's you or another handler. Parrots can get pretty territorial and jealous at times, particularly with the human they've bonded with. If you want to minimize this noisy dilemma, it may be helpful to encourage the focus of all the bird's screaming to spend more time alone with the bird. If a parrot has a bond with everyone, he will be less inclined to have a territorial attitude regarding one person -- it makes sense the person the parrot would be most jealous of is the one you devoted your life to, be it a spouse or a child or even an invalid for whom you're giving care. Getting your parrot to love the important people in your life requires a training regimen and the cooperation of the person your bird screams at.

A Little Acknowledgement

If a parrot screams at one specific individual all the time, it may mean the person doesn't acknowledge or spend a lot of time with birdie, who resents it. If a member of the household walks by a lonely parrot without so much as acknowledging the bird, the bird may cry out either to call attention to itself or to chide the person. Instruct the person to take a few minutes to converse with the parrot regularly, working up to stroking the parrot. Even if the person's too busy to invest in making time for the pet, giving the parrot even a bit of what he wants may suit him until someone else has more time to spare later on.

Say "No" to Yelling

When a parrot has a habit for screaming at just one person, it's crucial to evaluate why the bird may have singled that individual out. Perhaps the object of your pet's screaming has a penchant for yelling himself. Yelling in the presence of a parrot will prompt the vocal creature to do the same himself. It's crucial to stay as calm and composed as possible in the presence of any caged birds.

Screaming Due to Fear

A parrot may scream at one person out of fear, plain and simple. Perhaps the birdie just isn't comfortable being around a person because he's not used to him. Maybe the parrot is frightened by a person's especially loud and booming voice or energetic body gestures, or even his garish clothing. Trial-and-error may be the most efficient way to get a grip on such a screaming issue. Figure out what's causing your parrot to be so scared, and change it.

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