What Can You Put on the Carpet to Keep Dogs From Going to the Bathroom There?

You'll need to clean the area thoroughly.
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It sure is hard to love your pooch sometimes -- especially when he has an accident in the house. No matter what you do he seems to have one favorite corner he uses. Putting something down may keep him away from the area, but he'll need proper potty training, too.

Clean It

Before you put anything over Rocky's indoor toilet, you'll have to clean it thoroughly. Regular household cleaners might make the area smell rosy fresh, but his super sensitive nose can pick up the urine smell hidden deep beneath the rug. Head to your nearest pet shop and pick up a bottle of enzymatic cleaner. These special sprays break up the enzymes from pet urine that regular carpet cleaners leave behind. After the area is like new and doesn't smell like a potty, you'll be able to cover it with something to keep Rocky away.

Pet Deterrents

Once you have the corner of the living room rug all spic and span, protect it by spraying a pet deterrent formula in the area. These sprays -- available at the pet store -- are virtually undetectable to the human nose but have an undesirable scent for your pooch. He won't like the odor and will be less likely to venture over to his former indoor toilet.

Home Furnishings

No matter what, Rocky seems to love sneaking over to that one special area to relieve himself. Rather than leaving the area wide open and easy to get to, put something there he can't move. For example, if he tends to squat in the far corner next to the entertainment center, put a heavy potted plant or umbrella stand in the area so he can't even get to his spot. You might also be able to cover the area simply by moving around your living room furniture, preventing access to his usual corner.

Electric Mat

If Rocky keeps going right smack in the middle of the room, it isn't very easy to cover with furniture. Pick up an electrical mat on your next trip to the pet store. An electrical mat is battery operated and gives your canine a gentle static shock when he steps on it. It isn't painful, but it'll startle him enough that he won't want to go near the area again. These mats are meant to be a training tool, not a permanent fixture. After several days or weeks, pick up the mat and see if Rocky goes back. Odds are, he'll avoid his old spot on the carpet all together.

Additional Thoughts

If you scold Rocky and shove his nose in his wet spot, you're not teaching him anything. He might actually wind up being fearful of going in front of you, explains the Humane Society of the United States. When you get him outside to go, he'll just give you a blank stare. Then when you get him inside and aren't looking, he'll go back to his usual corner and urinate. He's too nervous to go in front of you because he thinks that going potty is bad. If you catch him in the act all you can do is quickly get him outside and praise him when he goes in the yard. When he comes back in the house, keep him in the same room with you. Letting him venture around your home gives him the opportunity to make a mess anywhere.

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