Can You Keep a Dog With Parakeets?

Fast-moving parakeets attract a dog's attention.
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While dogs don't have the reputation for eating birds that cats do, there is cause for avian concern when you bring parakeets and dogs under the same roof. Learn safe ways to handle integrating a bird into your dog household or vice versa so all pets remain safe.


Your mixed-pet household will run smoothly if you set a few ground rules that keep your pet parakeet safe and keep your dog in situations where she won't be tempted to try a feathery snack. Ensure your dog cannot get into the room where your parakeet lives when you aren't home, and never leave your parakeet out of her cage unattended when the dog is home.

Dog Training

In the event that Fido gets Feathers in his mouth, the "out" command may save your parakeet's life. This means "spit that out of your mouth now." Likewise, "leave it" tells Fido to leave whatever you point at alone. Train your dog in these commands and practice them regularly. A well-trained dog should immediately follow both "out" and "leave it" before you introduce the parakeet into the home. A behavioral specialist can assist with dog training if you need help.


Not all types of dog are suited for living with birds like parakeets. Terriers, for example, often perceive small animals as prey and may be more prone to eating birds. Sporting dogs are likewise poor candidates for bird households, since they are bred to hunt small prey. A non-working dog makes a better choice -- it hasn't been bred to hunt creatures that resemble your pet bird -- although you can improve the chance of success by rigorously training your dog.


Dog-proof your parakeet cage by placing it well out of Fido's reach, such as hanging from the ceiling or atop a very high bookcase. If you can, lock the room where the bird lives when you're not home so the dog cannot get her or else crate your dog so the bird remains safe. A scat mat emits a light shock, which can redirect your dog away from the birdcage. Use these near your parakeet's cage as another measure to keep your bird safe.

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