Can You Take Cats on a Cruise?

Cats usually aren't allowed on these massive things.
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If you're longing for some maritime sightseeing but can't bear the thought of leaving your sweet cat alone for weeks at a time, a cruise vacation may seem like an exciting idea. Thankfully for devoted cat owners, a select few cruise ships indeed do permit the furry species aboard.

Cats Allowed?

According to the Humane Society of the United States, only a select and small amount of cruise ships permit cats or dogs as passengers. Even when cats or dogs are actually allowed, it often only is for transatlantic journeys -- say New York to the United Kingdom, for example. The reality is, cat-friendly cruise lines are few and far between.

Assistance Dogs

As for pets that are permitted onto cruise lines, assistance canines are generally welcome. For people with any types of physical disabilities or challenges, assistance dogs are indeed allowed, whether for visual impairment, deafness, mental illness or anything else. Prior arrangement is necessary, however.

Companion-Friendly Cruises

Although the vast majority of cruise lines do not allow pets, some do, especially for shorter sightseeing routes that last for less than a day. A couple of such examples are Cunard Cruise Line and Acadia Nature Cruises. Before booking a reservation for yourself and your cat, however, make sure your little one is physically healthy enough to handle time on a ship, whether for mere hours or for days at a time. Also consider your kitty's temperament. If she's an especially easily frightened or nervous pet, a cruise may not be pleasant for her or for you. Find out about available pet amenities aboard, including kennels, physical fitness areas, food, treats and even litter boxes. Ample and thorough preparation is always important whenever it involves travel and your fluff ball.

Apart from just temperament, it's very important to remember that cats are creatures of habit. Change is difficult on most of them. The little guys love their routines, and are prone to stress and anxiety when things are unfamiliar to them. Consider what taking your kitty on a cruise may be like for her, and whether or not leaving her at home may be a better, healthier idea.

Charter Boats

Although cruise lines do not usually allow cats, charter boats very often do. If you want to enjoy the experience with your precious kitty, consider chartering a cat-friendly vessel. Where there's a wallet, there's a way. Just make sure your pet is physically up for any type of journey in motion. If your cat is on the delicate or elderly side, it may be better to keep her in the cozy confines of your home. Speak to your veterinarian before you make the very important decision.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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