How to Build an Inexpensive Dog Kennel

Welded wire is an affordable choice for an inexpensive dog kennel.
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Dog kennels are the perfect way to provide your pooch with a safe, secure place to play. Buying a ready-to-assemble kennel isn’t an option for some owners, so many choose to build their own, inexpensive kennel to contain their canine companions during outside play time.

Step 1

Check local zoning laws before building your dog kennel. Many locations require permits for even minor property improvements, so make sure you’re legal before you start to dig.

Step 2

Measure out your kennel on level ground. A 12-foot by 24-foot rectangular kennel gives the dog plenty room to run, but 6-foot by 12-foot is adequate for smaller yards. Mark each corner to make a rough outline of your kennel.

Step 3

Dig a 2-foot-deep hole at each corner of your rectangular pen. Dig another hole midway between each corner post on the long sides of the pen. One additional post on each long side gives the fence extra support to prevent sagging and keep your dog safely inside.

Step 4

Pour the dry cement in the wheelbarrow, and add water according to the directions on the bag. Mix the powder and water together until it forms a damp, thick paste.

Step 5

Place one post in each of the holes, and fill the holes with wet concrete. Enlist an assistant to hold the posts upright for a few minutes until the concrete starts to set up. Cementing the posts takes a little longer than refilling with dirt, but it guarantees the posts won’t fall over if the dog presses on the fence. Let the cement cure for at least 48 hours before attaching the fence wire.

Step 6

Staple the end of the wire to one corner post, and unroll the wire to the center post. Affix it to the post, and move on to the next corner post. Continue unrolling and stapling the wire to posts until you reach the last corner post. Attach the wire to each post with a minimum of four staples to keep the fence securely attached to the wood.

Step 7

Pull the remainder of the free wire around to the starting post, and cut off any wire that extends beyond the post. This section serves as the gate and should not be stapled to the post. Secure the gate with a double-ended eye bolt at the top and bottom of the fence.

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