How to Brush a Poodle

Brushing is a good time to inspect your pup's coat and skin.
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Brushing your poodle is not difficult, if you do it daily. Brushing is a good time to bond with your pooch. Begin brushing your poodle when she is a puppy, so she becomes used to the feeling. Take your time and enjoy interacting with your best buddy.

Step 1

Place your dog on a grooming table or any table that allows you to reach her easily. To begin the brushing segment, have your dog stand so you can brush her legs.

Step 2

Using a pin brush, brush sections of the legs working around each leg. Move up to the tail and then work on the body. While brushing the body, have your dog lie on her side. Finally, brush out the ears.

Step 3

Brush the coat from the skin to the end of the hair. Work in small sections, misting the working area with a conditioning spray.

Step 4

Work on mats or tangles with either your fingers, metal comb or slicker brush. For minor tangles, use your fingers to separate the hair. For tougher tangles, use the end teeth on the comb and start at the edge of the mat. Take your time. For large mats, use a slicker brush to loosen the mat and then use the metal comb to continue pulling the mat apart.

Step 5

Continue to work the whole body, brushing and loosening any tangles or mats. Once you have untangled the coat, brush the coat with the metal comb.

Step 6

Inspect your pup's coat and skin for rashes, fleas or bare spots. Once you are satisfied with his coat, give your pup a treat and praise her. It's now time for her bath, if you wish.

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