How to Brush a Pomeranian Dog With a Matted Coat

Pomeranians have a fine undercoat that easily becomes matted without regular grooming.
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The unfortunate reality of a Pomeranian's gorgeous, fluffy double coat is that the fine, dense undercoat can work itself into tangled knots if you don't brush him regularly. If your pom develops matted hair, deal with the problem sooner rather than later to avoid painful and troublesome skin conditions.

"Manageable" Mats

Step 1

Lightly brush your Pomeranian with a slicker brush starting on the outer part of the mat. Use short, gentle strokes, brushing upward and in the direction that the fur grows. Use your fingers to put pressure on the fur at the base of the mat to minimize tugging on your dog's hair and skin.

Step 2

Sprinkle corn starch onto the mat and work it in with your fingers before working it with the brush again. The corn starch will help separate the fine hairs, making it easier to pull them apart.

Step 3

Soak the mat with a detangling spray made for dogs or humans. Gently brush with the slicker brush or mat comb, a small section at a time.

More Difficult Matting

Step 1

Work a comb gently into your Pomeranian's fur between the mat and the skin.

Step 2

Work the mat splitter in between the comb and the mat.

Step 3

Cut up away from your dog's body with the mat cutter, working in a back-and-forth motion. Repeat several times with each difficult mat to break them into several manageable pieces.

Step 4

Gently work the cut mat with the slicker brush or the mat comb starting on the outer part of the mat and working back toward the skin. Brush in the direction that the fur grows and place pressure on the fur at the base of the tangle if the brushing tugs at your dog's skin too much.

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