Breaking a Dog's Neediness

Spending time with your pet helps ease neediness.
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While we all want to be loved, sometimes our dog's affection crosses the line into neediness. This results in continually following you around while you're in the house, whining at the door when you visit the restroom, and, worst of all, destructive behavior when you are gone.

Step 1

Provide your dog with plenty of exercise. Daily walks and interactive games, such as fetch, help your dog work off excess energy and provide bonding time for the two of you.

Step 2

Teach your dog that you will always come back when you leave. The simplest way to do this is to leave often. Walk into a closet, shut the door, and turn around and come right back out. Walk out the front door, around the house and in the back door.

Step 3

Act nonchalant when you come and go. Don't reassure your pup when you leave or praise him excessively when you come back. You want him to learn that coming and going is part of life and no reason to panic.

Step 4

Provide a special toy for when you are gone. Stuff one of the popular puzzle toys with treats. He will focus on extracting the prize instead of pining for you.

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