Does Bitter Apple Keep Dogs From Peeing?

Bitter apple won't curb your doggie's frustrating urination habit.
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Dealing with a dog's messy urine stains can be a major headache, no matter how much you adore your pet. If you're trying to find a practical solution for your doggie's urine issues, move away from the bitter apple. The stuff functions as a flavor deterrent and doesn't affect urination.

About Bitter Apple

Bitter apple, which appears in both gel and spray form, aims to prevent pesky licking and chewing behaviors in the canine world. The goal of the product is to inhibit a dog's destructive chewing habits throughout the home. Whether your dog likes to chew on your work loafers or lick the kitchen tiles, bitter apple discourages him with its foul and unexpected bitter taste -- yuck!

Some varieties of bitter apple are also made especially for feline use.


You may think that your food-obsessed dog never encountered a taste he didn't like, but that probably is far from the truth. Canine reactions to certain types of flavoring aren't too drastically different than those of humans. Most people do not enjoy bitter tastes, and dogs usually share in the sentiment. If your precious pet approaches the legs of your office desk in an attempt to chew on it, the first hint of the bitter taste may just have him running in the opposite direction! A success story, for sure.

Bitter Apple and Urination Prevention

Whether your dog likes to urine-mark areas of your home or just isn't fully house-trained yet, peeing accidents are both yucky and frustrating. However, bitter apple is not intended in any way to manage house soiling in dogs. The taste deterrent will have absolutely no effect on your dog's habit, so take that option off of the table and look a little further.

Pheromone Products

Although bitter apple will do nothing when it comes to eliminating your dog's house-soiling dilemma, pheromone sprays and diffusers may be useful. These products aim to artificially replicate the comforting scents dogs associate with their tender puppy years -- and their nursing mama dogs, of course. Pheromone sprays and diffusers try to stop canine misbehavior -- which is often triggered by stress and nervousness -- by relaxing and calming doggie minds. Apart from soiling, pheromone products also may be able to help your dog deal with other troubling issues, including separation anxiety, nonstop barking and the aforementioned chewing and licking. Not a bad deal at all!

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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