Birthday Stuff for Dogs

Celebrate your dog's birthday with fun and tasty things.
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Turn your dog's birthday into a howling good time. After all, she is a part of the family, and her birthday is special, too. Shower her with fun, love, gifts and goodies. Celebrate doggie's birthday with lots of birthday surprises.


Let's party! Invite family and friends to your dog's birthday party. Better yet, invite others to bring their dogs. Well- socialized pets will enjoy being around other dogs as well as children and adults. Decorate an outdoor area or spacious garage, using pet-safe decorations and keeping some items up high where dogs and small children can't reach them. Offer birthday hats to human and doggie guests, or tie birthday bandannas loosely around pets' necks. Serve a people cake and a pet-safe cake. Play active games for the dogs that involve people and their pets. Snap lots of pictures to enjoy and share with your guests. Send home goody bags for other pets.

Playful, Useful and Edible Gifts

Dogs love receiving gifts as much as humans do. Choose pet birthday gifts to suit your four-legged best friend's personality. Toys are always a good choice. Some dogs love to chase balls and play tug-of-war, while others are content to cuddle with a furry toy. And don't forget the treats. Chew toys last a long time, while crunchy or soft treats are great any time. Dog beds, cuddly blankets and special couch or bed pillows make great gifts. It might also be time for a new water or food dish, place mat or fun-shaped treat holder for the counter top.

Gifts to Wear

Wearable gifts are a good choice, especially for pet owners who love to dress up their dogs. Something as simple as a collar can become a decorative accessory you will be proud to put on your special friend. Then there are items that some people would laugh at and others cherish. Dog hats and bandannas are easy to put on your pet, and he will likely leave them on. T-shirts, full outfits and costumes, like superheroes or princesses, often suit the tastes of the pet owner rather than the dog itself. However, some dogs love to dress up and will prance around to show off a costume or shirt. Weather-related items are more practical. These include raincoats, warm sweaters or jackets and boots for rainy or snowy days.


Purchase a photo memory book to keep pictures, birthday cards and gift tags to remember your pet's birthday for many years. Consider also scheduling a professional photo session for the dog or your entire family. Look for picture frames made especially for pet photos, and set a few of framed birthday memory pictures around the house. Personalized keepsakes are gifts that provide longtime enjoyment. Many pet items can be personalized by a store or online company, or you can personalize some things yourself with paint, permanent markers, embroidery or stick-on letters.

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