How to Bathe a Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is best known for his thick fur coat, fluffy curled tail and distinct markings.
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The Siberian husky is a breed of working dog native to the Siberian Arctic. Huskies have a dense double coat that insulates them from extreme temperatures. Washing your husky can be time-consuming, but is possible with a few things you probably already have on hand.

Step 1

Warm up the water before you bring your dog into the bathroom. Ensure that the water isn't too hot or too cold. A mild temperature will keep your husky calm. Have your supplies nearby so you can reach everything while holding your husky still.

Step 2

Corral your husky and get him into the tub or shower. Many huskies like bath time, but some can be resistant. If your husky prefers playtime over bath time, try tempting him with some treats. Use a collar and leash if you think your husky will bolt and run through the house, shaking water and shampoo all over the furniture.

Step 3

Use a specially made doggie shower sprayer to rinse your dog's fur. You'll find such a device at any pet store. Soak the coat well so the shampoo will work through your husky's fur easier.

Step 4

Soap up your husky's coat. Don't overdo it, though -- because of your husky's double coat, it'll take forever to rinse out if you use too much soap. After you lather your husky up, rinse her coat well with mild water.

Step 5

Dry your husky well with plenty of towels, then gently brush her coat until it shines. If the weather is nice, it's best to take her for a walk after her bath so she can air-dry and her coat can fall back in place naturally.

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