How to Attach a Nameplate to a Dog Collar

Dog tags are an excellent way to identify your canine companion. However, many dogs are frightened by the constant noise and movement. Nameplates are a safe alternative to tags and attach directly to the collar for quiet, jingle-free identification.

Step 1

Lay the nameplate on the collar and draw a dark spot on the collar over each rivet hole with a marker. Lift the nameplate off and set it aside.

Step 2

Punch one hole over each dark mark. If the collar is leather, use a sharp hole punch to make the holes. If the collar is made of nylon, hold a large nail with a pair of pliers and heat it over an open flame. Push the hot nail through the spots marked on the collar.

Step 3

Place the nameplate back on the collar, and insert one rivet through each hole. Push the rivet through the back of the collar, so the flat, smooth side of the rivet head lies against the dog’s skin.

Step 4

Fit one rivet cap over each rivet, and lightly hammer the caps onto the rivets. Tap each rivet down until it fits tight against the nameplate.

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