Yorkie Puppy Hairstyles

There are a variety of hairstyles for your Yorkie.
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Yorkie puppies look cute in several different hairstyles. The Yorkie coat is kept long and flowing for the show ring, but this is a difficult look to maintain. A shorter style may offer variety, make her more comfortable for summer and easier for you to groom.

Puppy Cut

The basic Yorkie haircut is called a puppy cut; it is generally used when the puppy is small. Although it's called a puppy cut, it is appropriate for adult dogs as well. The puppy cut is popular because of its easy maintenance. This cut requires the most trimming. The dog's whole body is trimmed, but not shaved, for this cut. It is a comfortable and useful cut for warm weather or if you don't want to groom your Yorkie extensively. It's a good idea to have a professional groomer trim your Yorkie to achieve this look.

Schnauzer Cuts

Several other types of cuts are popular for Yorkie puppies. Schnauzer cuts are frequently used as the puppy grows, with several variations to choose from. A basic schnauzer cut calls for trimming the areas of the dog that are black, and leaving the hair longer on the face and legs where it's tan. The face and legs can be trimmed as you would like. A modified schnauzer cut trims the dog's back from neck to tail. The face, neck and legs remain longer or can be trimmed according to the owner's choice.

Other Styles

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A Westie cut offers the look of the West Highland white terrier. The entire body is trimmed, leaving some length under the stomach and on the face. A Chinese crested cut borrows the look of that breed. The body is trimmed with the legs and face longer, similar to the schnauzer cuts. The hair on the entire length of the tail is left long for this cut.

Maintain Your Dog's Cut

A Yorkie's coat should be kept clean no matter what cut you choose. Bathe your puppy with a shampoo designed for dogs every two to six weeks, depending on the weather and how dirty she gets. Brush daily, and never brush the coat dry. Mist the coat lightly with water before brushing, to avoid breaking the hair.

Enlist a Pro

Some owners like to trim their Yorkies at home with the aid of clippers and scissors. Enlist a professional groomer for some training to do this. It looks easier than it is, especially on a wiggling, wagging puppy.

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