Yorkie Poo Cataracts

Cataracts aren't uncommon in Yorkie land.
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Yorkie poos are furry dogs who count Yorkshire terriers and poodles in their bloodlines, specifically toy and miniature poodles. Although Yorkie poos aren't a breed, as hybrid pooches they combine a lot of the things about both groups that many canine enthusiasts appreciate so much.


Although Yorkie poos aren't purebred dogs, they indeed are still capable of inheriting the medical ailments that are prevalent in both sides of their heritage. Since Yorkie poos are a blend of two breeds, anticipating an individual's health predispositions isn't always easy. On one hand, a Yorkie poo could be vulnerable to all of the issues that are common on the two sides. On the other, the richness of his genetic background could minimize his risk of experiencing certain disorders that frequently appear in either poodles or Yorkshire terriers.

Cataracts and Yorkie Poos

If you're thinking about bringing an adorable Yorkie poo into your home, it's a smart idea to gain some knowledge on illnesses that are prevalent in Yorkies and poodles. Cataracts, for example, are a common health issue not only in toy and miniature poodles alike, but also in Yorkshire terriers. A specific Yorkie poo might, because of his background, be particularly susceptible to this particular eye condition, so take note. The poodle side of his background could pass on the susceptibility, and at the same time, so could the Yorkie side.

Basic Information on Cataracts

When a Yorkie poo -- or any other pooch -- develops cataracts, his lens starts to become hazy, which leads to eyesight that is less than crystal clear. Irregularities take place when the eyes begin building up excessive protein levels. This brings upon indistinct and bleary vision. Especially tiny cataracts often don't affect dogs' vision greatly. However, more substantial ones often can, with time, bring upon full vision loss in canines. A handful of different things can trigger cataracts, from the aging process and dietary problems to sickness like diabetes mellitus, although they're usually caused by genetic components. Cataracts are highly prevalent in the canine world.


If your Yorkie poo has cataracts, he might make it easy to pinpoint through exhibiting telltale symptoms. Hazy and foggy looking eyes, as mentioned before, are often a strong giveaway. Dogs with cataracts often display subtle color changes in their eyes, as well. If your Yorkie poos's usually bright, deep brown peepers all of a sudden have a hint of white or grayish-blue, then cataracts are definitely a possibility. Dogs with cataracts also frequently show signs of seeing difficulties, whether by clumsily tripping over their toys on the ground or becoming fearful about venturing into unfamiliar areas -- think the new local doggie park or a neighbor's backyard.

Veterinary Management

Signs of cataracts call for prompt veterinary attention, often from vets who specialize in pet ophthalmology. A vet can confirm whether or not a Yorkie poo has cataracts through performing any number of diagnostic examinations, perhaps observations of eye pressure and blood work, among others. If a Yorkie poo has cataracts, the vet can select a course of management that is appropriate for the specific case. Some dogs require surgical extraction and switching of the troubled lens, which often can bring eyesight back.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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