Do Yorkie Coats Grow Long?

Long coats give Yorkies their signature look.

Long coats give Yorkies their signature look.

Yorkies seem well aware that they're glamorous representatives of the canine world, sure to grab attention wherever they go. Their luxurious coats play a big role in their appeal. While a Yorkie sporting a puppy cut is cute as a button, a long coat remains the preferred coiffure.

Coat Facts

One of the distinctive features of Yorkies is the fact that they grow hair and not fur. Unlike other dog breeds, Yorkie hair is similar to human hair, which makes them good candidates for those folks with allergies. Because the hair keeps growing, they won't shed like other breeds do, but you'll find the occasional strand of stray hair. The downside is that you'll need to groom on a daily basis to keep their coats neat and prevent it from tangling and matting.

Coat Standard

When left to grow, a Yorkie's hair will get quite long. It's not unusual to see coats touching the floor, giving the impression of a floating dog. According to the American Kennel Club standard, the coat on the Yorkie's body should be moderately long and straight. The hair on the head should be long and tied into a bow in the center of the head, or parted and tied with two bows. The only places where the hair is trimmed is on the tips of the ears and feet.

Coat Grooming

The secret to a long, flowing coat is good coat care. Take care of your Yorkie from the inside out by feeding a high-quality diet and supplementing with skin-healthy omega-3s. Use a good shampoo and follow with conditioner. Always moisten your Yorkie's coat before brushing or combing to prevent hair breakage. Massaging your Yorkie's coat allows more than just pampering, it sends blood to the surface of the skin, allowing hair to grow strong and healthy.

Coat Lenght

The quality and length of your Yorkie's coat is determined much by her genes. You'll better know what to expect as your Yorkie matures, generally by the age of two. Because the coat will continue to grow long, you'll have to occasionally clip an adult Yorkie's hair. Some people like to clip it in a puppy cut to help defeat the summer heat, while others prefer to keep it naturally long.

Coat Considerations

Don't just assume that because your Yorkie has long hair she's well equipped for the winter. Despite the long coat, this breed lacks an insulating undercoat which makes Yorkies vulnerable to cold weather. Those fancy pink sweaters aren't there just to make a fashion statement; Yorkies get cold easily. They'll enjoy the warmth and comfort of a coat when you head outside on cold days.

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